New PV Alert: Bear in Mind – Mirai e no shunkan

New idol group Bear in Mind hope to earn your support with their debut promotional video for their song “Mirai e no shunkan”. So let’s get this out of the way, the group is called Bear in Mind, they are based in Osaka, and they wear bear ears as part of their performance outfit. Yes, they are Bear idols. The young idols (14 and 15 year-olds here) give a smiling effort that should be worth a view- they’re wearing animal ears and skirts! As you might expect from a young group, Bear in Mind trades heavily on their enthusiasm and charm to make up for their lack of experience. The girls dance in a light flooded room wearing their ruffled, pink and white outfits for most of “Mirai e no shunkan”. There are other shots and outfits shown, but for all the silliness of the gimmick I can’t but help but cheer on this group even if the actual product here falls just south of normal. Give “Mirai e no shunkan” a listen; maybe you’ll find yourself a new dark horse … er, bear.



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Bear in Mind

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