New PV Alert: Batten Showjo Tai – Killer Killer Smile

A short version promotional video for the guitar heavy “Killer Killer Smile” gets play as the STARDUST PLANET’s Batten Showjo Tai get ready for their second album. The Fukuoka Girls dress in all white in a richly gold decorated room takes us back to Japan’s past. “Killer Killer Smile” is more like “Killer Groove” as the gritty bass and guitar sounds funk things up. Meanwhile, the girls alternate between their white dojo outfits and color-keyed kimono that looks quite nice. But really, I’m going to stay here for the grooves. You will find “Killer Killer Smile” on Batten Showjo Tai’s “BGM” album, set for release June 19, 2019.





Batten Showjo Tai promoting “BGM”



Batten Showjo Tai (ばってん少女隊 Batten Shoujo-tai, stylized in English as BATTEN SHOWJO TAI) is a Japanese girl idol group, formed by Stardust Promotion in June 2015. The group is based in Fukuoka Prefecture and is managed by Stardust Promotion’s regional Fukuoka office. Batten Showjo Tai was previously known as F-girls, a seven member training group that debuted in September 2014.The group belongs to the department STARDUST PLANET in Stardust Promotion and is the sister group to Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Team Shachi, Rock A Japonica, Tokimeki Sendenbu, Hachimitsu Rocket, and Sakura Ebis, etc. Batten Showjo Tai’s current lineup includes members Kiyama Ai (希山愛), Ueda Riko (上田理子), Haruno Kiina (春野きいな), Seta Sakura (瀬田さくら), Nishigaki Arisa (西垣有彩), and Hoshino Sora (星野蒼良).
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