New PV Alert: Batten Showjo Tai – Muteki no Venus

Batten Showjo Tai have a fifth single release coming soon, and recently released its accompanying promotional video. “Muteki no Venus”, as released, is a short “Youtube ver.” Despite the two minute run time, we don’t get to see much more than performance shots of the six Fukuoka girls in their soundstage. If this is all there is to “Muteki no Venus”, then at least the performance shots look brilliant. The red and white striped performance outfits catch the eye with their starlight mint motif. Batten Showjo Tai also sport tiny hats, which is always a favorite of mine. I also like the draped background of the set. Colored lights give the fabric a pale, pastel glow that pleases my eye and adds color to the pallor of the girls. The mid-tempo pop of “Muteki no Venus” pleases in its short form. Acoustic instruments and classic arrangements give the song a throwback feel to more classic idol songs of years past. All told, the viscous liquid “Muteki no Venus” boils down to is a syrupy confection both sweet and cute. You can buy Batten Showjo Tai’s fifth single starting on May 9, 2018.



Batten Show Jo Tai profile image
Batten Show Jo Tai promoting “Muteki Venus”

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