New PV Alert: Babyraids JAPAN – Ride on IDOROCK

If you can get past the first 40 seconds worth of “BabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraids JAPAN!”, you’ll probably enjoy the lead track from Babyraids JAPAN’s second album “Nippon Chu!Chu!Chu!”. The rock instrumentals are about as aggressive as I’ve heard the group. The promotional video takes the time to reintroduce the girls to us, and the girls make their best effort in showcasing their charm points. “Nippon Chu!Chu!Chu!” is a solid effort that I would have enjoyed seeing as a single. The album made shore on September 21, and you will need the whole album to scrub “BabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraidsBabyraids JAPAN!” from your ears.

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