New PV Alert: B.O.L.T. – Chuni uku gurai

Ever since the dissolution of ROCK A JAPONICA, I’ve been waiting to see what B.O.L.T. has in store for us. B.O.L.T. was formed with the nucleus of that now dissolved group, although only Naito Luna and Takai Chiho remain active. “Chuni uku gurai (宙に浮くぐらい)” seems to focus on giving us a look at the vibrancy of the foursome as they jump for joy on the sandy beach. There’s slow motion, shuttles back-and-forth, and interesting camera moves. By the time you reach the conclusion, the tempo of “Chuni uku gurai” has transformed the song significantly and right under your nose. The song keeps rock arrangements and takes a few detours in the ska direction (this pleases me greatly). This is a start for the group, and I’m happy to have them along here. “Chuni uku gurai” is available for download at the links below.








B.O.L.T. (ボルト) is a Japanese female idol group formed in 2019 under Stardust Planet. The group consists of the former members of the (then) recently disbanded group Rock a Japonica. B.O.L.T.’s first release “Hoshigafuru-gai/ yofuke no purorōgu (星が降る街 / 夜更けのプロローグ ) went on sale August 23, 2019. B.O.L.T.’s current lineup includes members Naito Luna (内藤るな former Rock A Japonica), Takai Chiho (高井千帆 former Rock a Japonica), Aoyama Nanaho (青山菜花), and Shirahama Aya (白浜あや).

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