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New entrants to the New PV Alerts, today we have ASTROMATE with their new song “Brilliant World”. The group brings a rock sound underscored by the kind of synthesizer twitch that should be familiar to those following the alt-idol scene. “Brilliant World” cuts to a few brilliant breakdowns and tempo shifts to keep the listener on his/her toes. ASTROMATE also hit a few raps that complement a smattering of cute “Let’s Go!” exclamations. I’d say that “Brilliant World” is a good place for us to pick with ASTROMATE and a good start for the young idol group. An interesting note to “Brilliant World”: the choreography was produced by former PASSPO member Makita Saco! There’s a lot to work with here; let’s see how the group differentiates itself from the flock in the next few PVs. ASTROMATE’s first single “Astro”, released on April 25, 2018 is linked below for your further research.








ASTROMATE (アストロメイト) is a Tokyo based rock idol unit featuring members from across Japan. Formed in 2018, the unit uses sophisticated dance and a band-centered grand emo sound to create empathy and emotion. ASTROMATE released their first sinle “ASTRO” in April 2018. ASTROMATE’s current lineup includes Mochizuki Saaya (望月さあや), Honda Natsumi (本田夏実), Yuzuki Nene (柚木音々), Yukawa Mahiro (結川まひろ), and Hayasaki Yuri (早崎友理).
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