New PV Alert: Ariyasu Momoka (Momoiro Clover Z) – feel a heartbeat (live video)

Wielding an electric guitar is probably not what you thought you’d see from MomoCloZ’s Momoka. But, here is the green girl strumming her axe and singing on a huge stage. Judging by the different outfits and hair lengths, this footage comes from a few performances with the studio recording of the song floating on top of all the live shots. “feel a heartbeat” plays a bit more giddy than the solo songs we’ve heard from Momoka. The good feels abound especially strong when her unleashes her electric smile; one gets the sense that the girl is exactly where she wants to be. The pop/rock arrangement bounces cheerfully with the jangling guitars and booming acoustic drums. “feel a heartbeat” is sure to lift your spirits in the way that a only great idol can lift them. Look forward to more from Ariyasu Momoka. You can get yourself a copy of the debut solo album, “Kokoro no Oto”, when it arrives in stores on October 11, 2017.


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