New PV Alert: Aratake Ayane from Star☆T – Glorious Future

Do you remember that Star☆TSOLO10 project that was started a while ago from the Toyota City local idols Star☆T? Well, I fear I might have missed a few promotional video releases from the project, but I’m back with the solo release from member Aratake Ayane. “Glorious Future” probably contains all the hopeful wishes and good intentions expected from an idol group, but for the most part this promotional video gives us the idol wielding her sword in a fantasy turn. Her plain Jane, manga loving alter ego gets a bit intimidated by some local girls, but through the powers that reside within her, Ayane does battle with her katana. So the whole episode is a fantasy … or is it?







ABOUT Star☆t

Star☆T was formed in 2011 as part of an project produced by a Toyota City, Aichi local cable television. The group made its debut in December of that same year with the aim of promoting Toyota City. “Star ☆ T” of the group name is the star of Toyota as the group aims to become the Star of Toyota City. In collaboration with Toyota City Tourist Association and others, Star☆T attract people with local feeling songs and stage performance high quality, and a wide range of age members’ members (living in Toyota City). Star☆T’s current lineup includes members Wakuda Akari (和久田朱里), Shimasaki Yuria (嶋﨑友莉亜), Makino Nagisa (牧野凪紗), Asasora Shizuka (朝空詩珠紅), misola, Hagino Hinako (萩野陽向子), Aratake Ayane (荒武彩音), Saitoh Hikaru (斉藤 暉), Hamakawa Chinari (浜川一愛), Satoh Runa (佐藤瑠那), Ise Mion (伊勢実恩), Ruka (瑠果), Kamito Ai (上戸 愛), Kondoh Miki (近藤実希), Okada Ayuka (岡田歩佳), and Hayama Nene (葉山寧々).
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