New PV Alert: Aqua Note – Jumping Jumping

“Jumping Jumping (じゃんぴん・じゃんぴん)” from Aqua Note gives us our first look at the new system lineup after the departure of member Aishima Hina. For much of the promotional video, the young idol group have their run of a Western looking apartment complex and associated grounds. Each girl gets their own room done to their personal style, while group shots put the five member group either in the garage with a rather antiquated wood paneled wagon or bundled together like logs in front of the ol’ CRT TV. “Jumping Jumping” shows a lot of personality from the girls, and I’m SURE this PV will get Aqua Note a whole new set of fans. Although “Jumping Jumping” is not anywhere on the tracklist, I’m linking you to Aqua Note’s 1st single “Aqua Sonic”, available starting April 28, 2020.





Aqua Note promoting “Aqua Sonic”



Aquanote (アクアノート) is an idol group formed in 2018. At formation, the average age of Aquanote was 14 years old! The five-member idol unit is formed with the concept of “water”. Aquanote’s solo debut live was on April 22, 2018 at Ebisu CreAto. Aquanote’s current lineup includes members Minami Momoka (美波ももか), Yumesaki Maho (夢咲摩萌), Sayama Suzuka (佐山すずか), Takanashi Arisa (高梨有咲), and Futaba Juri (双葉樹里).
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