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Summertime rolls for Appare! Harajuku for their major debut release set for September 18, 2019. After 3 years of performances, King Records puts the girls on their roster and “Appare summer!! (あっぱれサマーっ! !)” on their rotation. We see the girls backed by high arched glass windows and surrounded by mylar balloons for their indoor shots. Seeing the towels around the members’ necks should be a sure sign, and as you guessed it Appare! Harajuku are twirling the cotton banners around by the chorus of “Appare summer!!”. The song has a catchy, easy-to-sing chorus, and I can already hear the chants when I inevitably see the song performed live. That said, I enjoy the towel waving and the hip shaking choreography: it’s perfect for the summer. “Appare summer!!” has the sound of a winner, and you should definitely give it a good listen. You can find “Appare summer!!”, the major debut single of Appare! Harajuku, in stores on September 18, 2019.





Appare! Harajuku promoting “Appare Summer!!”



Appare! Harajuku (天晴れ!原宿) is an Japanese idol group formed in 2016. All the members at the time of formation were scouted in Harajuku. The producer is Ryo Kano . Agency Ltd. TAKENOKO . The affiliation label is Nippon Columbia. Unveiled on July 2, 2016, Appare! Harajuku formed as a new “IDOL” that incorporates KAWAII from all over the world and creates its own culture that no one has seen yet. Like “Harajuku,” the average age of 17 years old was created to create Appare! Harajuku. The current Appare! Harajuku lineup includes members Asahina Rei (朝比奈 れい), Narumi Miku (成実 みく), Fujimiya May (藤宮 めい), Nagahori Yume (永堀 ゆめ), Nanase Rea (七瀬 れあ), Kodo Noka (工藤のか), and Suzz Aoi (藍井 すず).
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