New PV Alert: AOP – FREEDOM de Muda ni Muteki!!

AOP, responsible for some of the anime openings that you’ve no doubt come to love, comes at us again with their ending theme to the TV anime “Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu.” “FREEDOM de muda ni muteki!! (FREEDOMでムダに無敵!!) puts the AOP girls in a white cyclorama for choreography and hijinks. I’m in love with the dark navy with member color outfits and the way the ribbons in their hair gets an echo in the seifuku trim. The music whacks out between pop and jazzy interludes. Meanwhile the girls mug closely for the camera in a way that should win the individual members members. “FREEDOM de muda ni muteki!!” goes on sale March 18, 2020.





AOP promoting “FREEDOM de Muda ni Muteki!!”



Anime “Katte ni” Ouen Project (アニメ”勝手に”応援プロジェクト), abbreviated as AOP (A応P), is an idol group produced by Nikkei Entertainment! which was introduced at Tokyo Game Show 2012. They recommend anime and talk about its appeal points through TV, radio, magazines, events, and the Internet. Their debut single “Never Say Never/Ari no Mama MY WAY (Never Say Never / アリノママMY WAY)” was released on April 5, 2013. AOP’s current lineup includes members Asahi Yuuna (旭 )優奈, Kudou Hinaki (工藤ひなき), Kojima Rin (小嶋 凛), Tsutsumi Yukina (堤 雪菜), Tomoe Kei (巴 奎依), Harusaki Non (春咲 暖), Hirose Yuuki (広瀬ゆうき), and Hoshiki Seena (星希 成奏).
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