New PV Alert: AOP – Fighting rush hour / Shichitenhattou kaerizaki

In preparation for their third tour, the girls of Anime Ouen Project (AOP) have prepared a couple of songs for your enjoyment. Both promotional videos get a screen format similar to an 8-bit video game with the girls’ avatars populating the bottom of the screen. In a nice touch, the PV also let’s you know which girl is singing with small selection arrows appearing over the characters. “Fighting rush hour”, probably the more entertaining of the two PVs. For most of the PV, we get footage of the girls in studio recording their vocal tracks. You know me; I love this footage. The up tempo band arrangement of “Fighting rush hour” should be a draw for many listeners: refreshing and filled with idol verve. “Shichitenhattou kaerizaki” provides more intensity and “Fighting rush hour”, but much less visuals. You will get a quick overview of the AOP’s tour dates!





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