New PV Alert: ANGERME – 4.6 Billion Years Love

ANGERME take a few minutes to put the disco in their discography with the throwback promotional video to the second of their double A-sides. “46 Okunen LOVE” puts Wada Ayaka’s girls in sparkling outfits, turns on a few lasers, and lets the CG work its magic. You can see the disco inspired set with a sparkling background and exposed speaker cones. But, man … sphinxes bobbing their heads, Hubble space telescope, and totem poles playing volleyball with the solar system? Not to mention the earth itself rotating like a mirror ball over center stage! If ANGERME didn’t have the verve to pull off this melange of imagery, you might call this a hot mess. Hell, you’ll probably still call this a hot mess, but “46 Okunen LOVE” is the best kind of hot mess: the kind of hot mess that puts the boogie in your bootie. So, let’s dance this mess around. “Tade Ku Mushi mo Like it! /46 Okunen LOVE “, the 25th single from ANGERME, arrives in stores on October 31, 2018.



ANGERME promoting “Tade Ku Mushi mo Like it! / 46 Okunen Love”

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