New PV Alert: Ange☆Reve – Ano natsu no melody

With their second release, Ange☆Reve supply us with the intense dance number we’ve been looking for. “Ano natsu no melody” sets its dance shots atop a skyscraper’s nighttime, outdoor stage. There’s an impressive bit of choreography in “Ano natsu no melody” with Ange☆Reve’s arm movements pulsing like a quivering floral bloom. The navy skirts of the performance outfits contrast pleasingly with the purple stage lights. Since “Ano natsu no melody” is a summer song, so the yukata solo shots feel appropriate despite their jarring contrast with the dance shot. Then again, I’m sure all of you out there are here for well-composed shots of pretty Japanese girls in yukata. You’re in the right place here. “Ano natsu no melody” proves itself in this short version as a real eye-opener for the Arc Jewel group. You can buy Ange☆Reve’s 2nd single in stores starting on June 13, 2018.

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Ange☆Reve promoting “Ano natsu no melody”

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