New PV Alert: Akishibu Project – The First Summer

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Akishibu Project here at the New PV Alerts. Since last we saw them, the group has retooled its lineup retaining only one member from its major debut last year. A year later, we get the group’s second major single: “The First Summer”. In the promotional video, you can revisit your recollections (or maybe fantasies) of the girls cleaning the school pool. Naturally, a water fight breaks out and the girls finish off their chores in swim suits. I would say swim suits more confidently, but Akishibu Project seem to be pushing the limits between intimate apparel and swim suits. “The First Summer” keeps to the cheery MO of summer idol PVs. It’s cheery enough with a hook that will probably stick with me through my commute home today, and yes, I’ll be thinking about the girls of Akishibu Project later. Akishibu Project’s “The First Summer” goes on sale August 28, 2019 at the retailers listed below.

Akishibu Project

Akishibu Project (アキシブproject) is a Japanese idol girl group that formed in 2012. They aim to “bring the cultures of Shibuya and Akihabara together”. The group was formed by former BiS member and current CY8ER member Ichigo Rinahamu (then known as Yokoyama Rina (ヨコヤマリナ/横山利奈)). The group performs regularly at TwinBoxAkibahara, in addition to performing live concerts in and outside of Japan. Akishibu Project’s current lineup includes members Taguchi Miiro (田口未彩), Kanno Serina (菅野 芹那), Fukuyama Rino (福山 梨乃), Mashiro Riho (真城 里帆), Morishita Kanon (森下 かのん), Kojima Nana (児嶋 七奈), Tachibana Hiyori (橘 ひより), Asami Ayuka (浅見 歩果), and Fujiki Mana (藤木 愛).
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