New PV Alert: Aimyon – Yumeoi Bengal

From Aimyon’s 2nd album, the recently release “Shunkanteki Sixth Sense”, we get a promotional video for the album track “Yumeoi Bengal (夢追いベンガル, Dream Chaser Bengal)”. Fused together from footage of the singers most recent live life on the road, “Yumeoi Bengal” looks a lot like a tour diary of the singer who was recently crowned “Woman of the Year” in Vogue Japan’s survey of Singer/Songwriters. The verve and speed through which “Yumeoi Bengal” cycles through the images gives the impression of a hectic life of a road that’s often punctuated with moments of precious alone time for the artist. Aside from the professional looking shots of Aimyon in action, we also see footage cropped from a cell phone and some grainy pictures from cameras that are not quite up to the task of low light photography. And while “Yumeoi Bengal” won’t go down as a thought provoking piece of art, it is a fascinating document of the life and times of a women for whom life must be speeding by at a million miles an hour. “Yumeoi Bengal” can be found on Aimyon’s second album “Shunkanteki Sixth Sense” in stores now.




Aimyon promoting “Shunkanteki sixth sense”



Aimyon (あいみょん, born March 6, 1995) is a Japanese singer and songwriter. Aimyon was born on March 6, 1995 in the city of Nishinomiya in Hyōgo Prefecture. She decided to become a singer because of her grandmother who wanted to become a singer, and her father who worked in acoustics. During her middle school years, she began writing songs and doing covers with the acoustic guitar her English teacher left her. When she was in high school, her friend sent her application to an audition without her knowledge, and she qualified for the final rounds. After graduating from high school, a YouTube video of one of her performances caught the attention of her first music label, Lastrum Music Entertainment. Aimyon wrote the lyrics for the song “Time Goes By” from the third single of the boy group Johnny’s West, released on February 4, 2015. On March 4th, 2015, she made her indie debut with the single “Anata Kaibou Junaika (Shine)”. Aimyon made her major debut with her March 30, 2016 single “Ikiteitanda yo na”.
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