New PV Alert: AdFicTioN – Kakusei-teki Fighter

AdFicTioN whose name is murder to type, make a debut on the new PV Alerts with their promotional video for “Kakusei-teki Fighter”. AdFicTioN seem to have started things in 2016 and held their first performance in 2017, and here in 2018 we get a promotional video! I’m a fan of the EKG style logos. Branding themselves as a RockSound x Dance&Vocal unit, the group’s towels proudly proclaim “rock is fuck”, which explains the guitar heavy arrangement complete with hardcore-style breakdowns and screamo vocals in the spaces between the idol melodies. “Kakusei-teki Fighter” is a performance video at its heart, and we get the six girls on stage, dressed in all black like my favorite goth gals. While AdFicTioN doesn’t particularly take the genre anywhere new, they are a worthy new entrant into the alternative idol race. AdFicTioN does not have the most robust web presence, so your best off checking their Twitter for more information.






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