New PV Alert: 963 – GAME

963, the idol rap duo from Fukuoka, come at us with a new promotional video for their song “GAME”. Like some of the best PVs, the video footage consists of nothing more than the girls out and about in their home town. We get a good look at apartments, a spontaneous picnic, and the girls mugging for the camera as they make their way down the street. While it may not be as flashy as their previous PV “Hoshi no fumanchi“, the girls remain as personable as ever.

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963 (kurumi) is a JAPANESE IDOL girl group who live in Fukuoka JAPAN born from the Kurume TV program “Kurume Koi Biyori” in Kurume City in 2013. The first lineup featured a four person group featuring Koga Yako (formerly in LaLuce/Last Idol). The first generation of 963 ceased activity in December 2014. The second generation of 963 began in July 2015 with the group reorganized as a duo. After lineup changes, 963 currently includes members Pi-piru (ぴーぴる, original reorganization member) and Re-yuru (れーゆる).
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