New PV Alert: 2o Love to Sweet Bullet – Sokode Sakende Watashi ni Oshiete Hoshii

From what I can tell, this is an unreleased track from 2o Love to Sweet Bullet. The synth pop style of “Sokode Sakende Watashi ni Oshiete Hoshii” really agrees with my ears right now, with some keyboard and drum machine work that remind me a lot of New Order. The promotional video has the girls coming together at a hospital bedside of a fallen comrade, which is very sweet of course. Something in this release seemed to vibrate along with my same wavelength, and I felt the beautiful feeling of isolation and the anticipation of release. I think the video looks gorgeous- the girls seem to glow with each solo shot. All in all, this is the kind of promotional video and song that get me interested in new acts, or at least new acts to me.

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