New PV Alert: 2o Love to Sweet Bullet – Hitoriji me shitai

Back with a new single and new members, 2o Sweet to Love Bullet get their Eurobeat groove on with “Hitoriji me shitai”. Ichinose Yume and Ozora Mitsuki join the group as of our last viewing of the group, which brings “trouble” up to seven members. The girls learn a bit of tea ceremony in “Hitoriji me shitai”, and while they don’t particularly cause trouble, there are a few awkward moments sprinkled among the white dance shots of the group. Most of the shots of the group get the lens flare, washed-out look look of a Polaroid Instamatic, which seems in keeping with the midsummer heat radiating from the promotional video. “Hitoriji me shitai”, the ninth single from 2o Love to Sweet Bullet, gets an August 14, 2018 release just in time to feel to full brunt of summer.



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