New PV Alert: 2daime Happy Shoujo♪ – Ganbarimashitade sho

Bursting with energy, 2daime Happy Shoujo deliver a promotional video with more character than many major label released offerings. “Ganbarimashitade shou” doesn’t really offer more than the girls doing their thing in a few locations about their native Sapporo (I assume). I can just see how this PV took a guerilla approach to production and supplemented the lynchpin school scenes and park scenes with scenes at whichever locations were open fit their needs. And, the girls really shine in this promotional video, whether in the park choreography, in the classroom goofing around, or crossing the street at a zebra crossing. The 8-bit sounds that round out a drum-machine and synthesizer arrangement provide an ample backdrop for the Happy Girls. I can’t wait to see what they up to next!

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