New PV Alert: 26ji no Masquerade – Snow memory

26ji no Masquerade push us into the winter months for the first time this year with the snow-filled promotional video for “Snow memory”. The girls try their hands at drama with a storyline that longs for the better days in the rear view. This ballad showcases some great vocal work from 26ji no Masquerade as the story unfolds in flashbacks. “Snow memory” revolves around a pocket watch, and while I must admit that I haven’t quite pieced everything together, I did notice that the timepiece stops at 2AM. A hint of traditional melodies gives “Snow memory” an extra kick that differentiates the song from other down-tempo ballad. “Snow memory” is a lovely production that makes me think about 26ji no Masquerade differently than I did before.





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26ji no Masquerade

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