New PV Alert: 26ji no Masquerade – Shiruku hat parade

“Shiruku Hat Parade (シルクハットパレード)”, this latest promotional video from 26ji no Masquerade, opens with the girls fast in dream land. The Top hats of the title really make their appearance once we get to the fantasy dance shot. The girls spend their time at bedside putting together fantasies that finally get their manifestation at that parquet dance floor. Set to a cutely intricate arrangement, the masquerade parade that manifests in the girls’ dreams seems perfectly timed for the spooky times ahead this Halloween.

26ji no Masquerade promoting “Shiruku Parade”

26-Ji no Masquerade (26時のマスカレイド, also known as ニジマス; Nijimasu) is a J-pop idol girl group formed in 2016. The idol group which was born from the BOYS & GIRLS x Zipper idol audition which was held over about three months. With the theme of “FASHION & EMOTION,” keep an eye on 26ji no Masquerate where members are full of individuality draw. Costume production is WEGO × Bunka Fashion College. 26ji no Masquerade’s current lineup includes members Kurusu Rin (来栖りん), Yoshii Miyu (吉井美優), Mori Miharu (森みはる), and Ejima Aeri (江嶋綾恵梨).
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