New PV Alert: 26ji no Masquerade – Bitter Sweet

I’m in the mood for rock with a pop edge and lots of cute girls. Luckily, 26ji no Masquerade have my back with their newly released promotional video. “Bitter Sweet” takes its title literally with the girls trying out new caked batters and confectionary designs while singing about chocolate. The PV seems a bit unlikely since the girls are preparing their bakery items in a richly decorated Western style room (that looks more than familiar). Yeah, 26ji no Masquerade should be preparing their cake in a kitchen; it would be a shame to get cake batter all over that gilded sofa. Practicality aside, “Bitter Sweet” gives us a cute look at this idol group who are finally making it to the pages of the New PV Alerts.


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26ji no Masquerade
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