New PV Alert: @JAM ALLSTARS 2017/Yume no Suna~a theme of @JAM~

Who’s ready for @JAM Expo?! Just as in years past, the @JAM picked five girls to record the theme song, “Yume no Suna”. This year, we have Kanzaki Fuka (sora tob sakana), Koyama Hina (Kamiyado), Saho Akari (Up Up Girls (Kari)), Jonishi Seira (Tokyo Performance Doll), and Hirokawa Nanase (Wa-Suta). The @JAM ALL STARS 2017 leave a short performance shot just somewhere in the studio in addition to the girls tracking their parts. @JAM EXPO (which I called a “beast of an event” last year) will consume your entire weekend on August 26 and August 27. Take a peek at the lineup here.


Learn more about @JAM EXPO here:


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