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Stretching out the =LOVE franchise (not to mention your keyboard character set), today we get the first promotional video from ≠ME (“not equal me”). First announced on Fabruary 24, the group features a few girls with some idol experience and were especially picked to take their interpersonal relationships into account. The narrative portion of the PV seems concern a school track race in which the members participate, but that’s really not too important here. The girls get a dance shot on the oval and in a white room with the subtle details of a traditional sitting room. I have to say: this looks really promising. The girls are varied in their appeal factors, and their arm swinging leg pumping choreography looks well-practiced. I particularly like the “≠” masking and the bell tone bridge vocals. ≠ME hasn’t released plans for a physical release, But I’ll link you to the digital release information below.

≠ME promoting “≠ME”

≠ME (ノットイコールミー Nottoikōrumii) also known as No-i-mii (ノイミー) is a 12-member Japanese idol group produced by Sashihara Rino. It is the first sister group of =LOVE. 11 members of the group were announced on February 24, 2019; the 12th member (Kawanago Natsumi) announced later. ≠ME’s current lineup includes members, Ogi Hana (尾木 波菜), Ochiai Kirari (落合 希来里), Kanisawa Moeko (蟹沢 萌子), Kawaguchi Natsune (河口 夏音), Kawanago Natsumi (川中子 奈月心), Sakurai Momo (櫻井 もも), Suganami Mirei (菅波 美玲), Suzuki Hitomi (鈴木 瞳美), Tanizaki Saya (谷崎 早耶), Tomita Nanaka (冨田 菜々風), Nagata Shiori (永田 詩央里), and Honda Miyuki (本田 珠由記).
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