New Morning Musume single

So I know this has been out for awhile now, but I wanted to wait for a HQ version of the Music Video before I posted it over here.

So Morning Musume released a new single this week entitled Seishun Collection. The single will also be the theme song for their new musical they will be performing this month as well. The single itself…..well lets just say the song didn’t sit well with me when I first heard it and the MV didn’t help what so ever. The Music Video looks pretty bland and boring and the choreography is pretty dull at best. Not the most shining moment in recent memory for Morning Musume to be honest. The outfits for the video are nice looking,though the hairstyle for each member looks like they passed around the same hair dye to match each others hair and by the time it got to Sayumi the bottle ran out.

Overall: Meh song + Meh Music Video + Meh choreography = Disappointing Sales. First day numbers for sales were around 15k. Considering the new AKB single first day sales were around 200k….To quote Echizen Ryoma “madda madda dane..”.

Oh well. There is always the next single.

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