New Alert: Nogizaka46 – Synchronicity

[Note: This promotional video is currently blocked in North America]

Nogizaka46 checks in with the promotional video to their latest release, “Synchronicity”. Dressed in long white dresses, sit on the floor of an expansive wooden hanger, skeletal beams exposed to the interior, with soft light streaming from openings at the top of the third wall. They take turns standing and sitting, striking sudden poses in a series and giving the effect of randomly firing sparks until the entire unit rises. On their feet, Nogizaka46 deliver a greatly synchronized routine or turns and arm movements forming floral patterns from overhead. The dresses get put to great effect and become part of the routine as the girls flick the hems to accent the formations and movements. “Synchronicity” is a gently building songs, with skeletal pickings on the guitar building to a string accented, acoustic guitar backed clave that verges on symphonic. Most will know what to expect when listening to Nogizaka46, and this formation-dance based promotional video probably won’t do much to change anyone’s mind. Some of you will say, “it’s just a bunch of girls flapping their arms in a garage”, and you are to a certain extent correct. But I find the dancing lyrical and interesting and the song a moody exercise both angular and expressive. You can find Nogizaka46’s “Synchronicity” in stores on April 25, 2018.



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Nogizaka46 promoting “Synchronicity”

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