My sakura-con Loot

I made a quick video on the things I got at sakura-con. Also a sneak peek at my Idol shine ((my room)) at the end of the video


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  1. Cool vids Tron, keep ’em coming! Highlight was the spectacular CD case break! Wooden floors and cases do NOT mix well together :(

  2. I also approve of more video content on the site, keep up the great work. Epic CD case destruction by the way.

  3. [19:47:48] t3hDave: OH MY GOD
    [19:47:55] t3hDave: I am watching Tron’s loot video
    [19:48:00] t3hDave: AND HE JUST DROPPED THE GOD DAMN CD
    [19:48:03] t3hDave: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    [19:48:04] Dae: yea
    [19:48:09] Dae: what a doof
    [19:49:20] Dae: look at the nonchalance
    [19:49:24] Dae: “moving on, it’s ok”

    Nice house, Tron.

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