My Daughter Will Be Named ERI

I decided that if I ever have a daughter, I’m going to name her Eri/Ellie. That is unless I marry someone by that name. In that case I’ll revert to one of the back up names I have circulating.

But anyways, the reasoning behind this? I’ve come across enough instances where I think the name Eri has been embodied the type of characteristics I would want my daughter to be associated with. of course there’s Kamei Eri (above). There’s the Southern All-Stars song Itoshi no Eri, which was so popular it was covered by the late Ray Charles. There’s Ellie from the Disney Pixar movie UP. And if you need one more reason, play the game Dead Space 2. I just like the way the female protagonist was portrayed in that game, which I won’t spoil.

So yeah, there’s my reasoning.

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