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So, I was at work one day and thought, “hmm, this girl would be fantastic on a different team and performed this team’s songs…” and came up with the “Dream Team” concept. Rules are as follows. Pick your favorite stage from any AKS group. List the unit songs and the 16 girls who you would like to see perform them. The catch is, you can NOT have any members from the team that performs the songs on your list. Here’s my dream stage!

Original Stage: SKE48 Team KII 3rd, “Ramune no Nomikata”

Orignal Performers: Takayanagi Akane, Matsumoto Rina, Iguchi Shiori(formerly Wakabayashi Tomoka)

Dream Team: Matsui Jurina(SKE48/AKB48), Yamamoto Sayaka(NMB48), Oshima Yuko(AKB48)

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What an embarrassment of riches right here. Remember that this is a dream scenario. These three girls are arguably the best performers from their respective groups. I would love to see these three intense performers perform this powerful song. Amazing fact. I was broadcasting SKE48’s 4 Year Anniversary special and during the unit shuffles, Jurina ended up at center for “Cross”.

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“Finland Miracle”
Original Performers: Akaeda Ririna, Mukaida Manatsu, Yakata Miki

Dream Team: Ogasawara Mayu(NMB48), Miyawaki Sakura(HKT48), Maeda Ami(AKB48)

“Finland Miracle” is one IDOL-ASS SONG. This song ranked sixth for the second straight year in the SKE Request Hour Setlist! The SKE fans know a great song when they hear one! This song exudes positive energy and overall cuteness. I had Miyawaki Sakura in mind from the start. Miyawaki performs “Wimbledon e Tsuretette” and she is one of the most popular girls in HKT48 right now. I think she is perfect for a song like this. I think the other two, Maeda Ami and Ogasawara Mayu is more of an “eyebrow” raiser for most people(c wut i did thar?). I see Maeda Ami as someone like Mukaida Manatsu of SKE48. Reserved and yet still has the youthful charm. Ogasawara Mayu on the other hand is a cute looking girl with an otaku side that tends to come out outside of performances. In terms of performing, Ogasawara Mayu stacks up well with the best of them and I would love to see her perform, “Finland Miracle” with Miyawaki Sakura and Maeda Ami.

“Manazashi Sayonara”
Original Performers: Ogiso Shiori, Furukawa Airi

Dream Team: Takahashi Minami(AKB48), Masuda Yuka(AKB48)

So, two of the better singers in AKB48 get my votes here. The song, “Manazashi Sayonara” is a slow tempo ballad but has powerful soul in bunches. Furukawa Airi is a fantastic singer. Here is footage of her in an amateur anime song singing competition and just straight crushin’ it!

Furukawa Airi and her voice is truly perfect for this song. Ogiso Shiori brings a bit of an edge to a very seductive, alluring song. Her voice is a tad bit unfortunate. In the same category as Nakagawa Haruka in the raspy voice department. You could argue that Ogiso has the raspiest voice in AKS. Even with her raspy voice, Ogiso does a great job in performing the song but I’d love to see this song performed with the other talented singers in AKS. Takahashi Minami’s impactful, powerful voice and Masuda Yuka’s crystal clear, smooth voice would balance each other out very well and could make this song even better.

“Usotsukina Dachou”
Original Performers: Ishida Anna, Goto Risako, Yamada Reika

Dream Team: Kimoto Kanon(SKE48), Nakagawa Haruka(AKB48/JKT48), Ota Aika(AKB48/HKT48)

Do you see where I’m going with this? The Kimoto Kanon-Ota Aika “Tenshi no Shippo” connection. I think these three are perfect for this up-tempo, sugary, bubble gum madness. In this attempt at cuteness overload, I’ve tabbed the young up and comer that is Kimoto Kanon and the wily veterans, formerly of THE original cute team, Team B members in Nakagawa Haruka and Ota Aika. Can you imagine those three dressed in the bright bubble gum pink tutus? These three would provide fantastic cute energy that this song is all about. I think it would be an amazing sight to see and bring your insulin shot because you’re gonna be diabetic after seeing this performance.

“Nice to meet you!”

Original Performers: Abiru Riho, Kato Tomoko, Sato Seira, Sato Mieko, Hata Sawako(Furukawa Airi filling in for Hata Sawako in the video)

Dream Team: Kitahara Rie(AKB48/SKE48), Kuramochi Asuka(AKB48), Yagami Kumi(SKE48), Suda Akari(SKE48), Yamada Nana(NMB48)

“Nice to meet you!” has an up-beat, 90’s J-pop/R&B fusion sound. I specifically picked these girls because I think they have the image of being good performers, bright on stage and mature. The song features choreography where they mimic dominos falling down with their arms. The tallest member of the unit, Abiru Riho is at one end and the shortest, Sato Mieko is at the other end to create an image of falling dominos. Of course Yamada Nana will be the short one but I believe Kitahara, Yagami and Suda are about the same height. Oh well, I picked them just because I want to see them perform the song. I think these girls will make a good unit for this fantastic song.

“Ramune no Nomikata” stage features fantastic unit songs and fantastic team songs like, “Omatase Set list”, “Kodoku na Ballerina”, and “Winning Ball”. I’d love to see the 16 members I listed above perform this stage!

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