My Dream Came True: Just Dance Wii…IN JAPAN

This will be the longest month in my life. It was announced that Nintendo is taking Ubisoft’s popular dancing franchise and localizing it for Japan. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, read more for video examples.

Here is the partial song list found off of HMV’s listing for the game.
Translations and Previews Below.

安室奈美恵「Sexy Girl」
TRF「survival dAnce」
氣志團「One Night Carnival」、
Gorie with Jasmine&Joan「Micky」

Is anyone else as excited as me? Heavy Rotation AND Renai Revolution? It’s the two songs I’d pick from those two groups. I already really enjoyed the game but now that it’s with music that I actually listen to, it’s perfect right?

Well they could still mess up the choreography. One thing Just Dance does wrong is that it fails to have multiple difficulty levels. Each song basically has one set of steps and nothing to grow on after that. So dependent on your skill level it may be too much or not enough for you. Also I’m wondering about the visual style and what Nintendo might do to make it more Japan friendly. I’d like there to be some change but who knows what a Japanese view will do to it. Rumors are thought, most of the songs will be originals and not covers so I can’t contain my excitement.

The release date is set for October 13 for around 5,500 Yen. But before you go import it, make sure you have a Japanese Wii or a way to mod your console. There’s no listing on PlayAsia, but I’ll make sure to post again when it’s available for Pre-Order through an import site.

For those of your not interested in playing yourself, I’ll definitely be broadcasting it so you can just watch.

For Just Dance videos and track list previews

This will be a great opportunity to discover new music. I really liked Kishidan and I’m calling that dance to be awesome.

I had a hard time finding videos for
Namie Amuro: Sexy Girl
Tackey and Tsubasa: Venus

But here are the rest

AKB48: Heavy Rotation

Kara: Jumping

Kara: Mister

Exile: Choo Choo Train

Kumi Koda: Cutie Honey

Exile & Kumi Koda: Won’t Be Long

BoA: Valenti

TRF: Survival Dance

Kishidan: One Night Carnival

Morning Musume: Renai Revolution 21

Pink Lady: UFO

Dream5: Koi no Dial 6700

Toho Shinki: Why

Ketsumeishi: Kimi ni Bump

Gorie with Jasmine & Joan: Micky

If you’ve made it this far, here’s a couple videos of Just Dance

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  1. This is exciting news for sure. I don’t even own a Wii but I’m tempted to pick one up on the cheap for this game. It’s good to know that you’ll be broadcasting it though, I really enjoy your dance and Rhythm Tengoku casts.

  2. I think I have a reason to use my Wii again now, I don’t know how to mod my Wii but I’m a bit tempted to just go out and buy Just Dance 2. This look’s really cool!

  3. Woo! This is exciting. I wish I had a Wii or a job to pay for one but whatever. I am looking forward to see you play this.

  4. Holy shit what amazed more is that you can dance to Renai Revolution. I’d love to dance to that song but dont have a Wii or patience to save money :/

  5. No Wii, no buy im afraid :/

  6. Don’t forget to broadcast this on 4PP ;).
    I would love to see you do Heavy Rotation and Keep Your Head Down.

  7. Exile’s choo choo train and Morning Musume’s Renai Revolution? Man, if only games like this could come to the west. I hate when japanese music games are ported over here without the original songs. I understand that they’re trying to present something that is more familiar for western audiences, but for once I wish they would retain the original soundtrack it came with. Modding or buying a japanese wii and looking up menu translations online are just a bunch of a hoops I have to jump through to play games like Ouendan and Pop’n Music in their original state. Today, I bet there’s a huge market of gamers who are musically multicultural and are willing to buy unaltered foreign music games.

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