Morning Musume…in 3D!!!!

Morning Musume’s upcoming graduation concert held at the sold-out Yokohama Arena will also be broadcast live…IN 3D!

It’s an interesting idea, and makes me wonder how many people went out and saw this as a tipping point to give in and buy a 3D television.

Shenanigans aside, I’m glad Morning Musume will be holding a large-venue concert again; it’s a great sendoff for Junjun, Linlin, and Eri.  And despite Atron’s best efforts to ease my worries about 3D, none of it is immediately appealing to me.  I can see it becoming a standard down the line, but I don’t see it as anything that’ll rock my socks off.  3D was really big in the past, and never took off as anything other than a novelty.  Maybe I’ll head over to my nearest Best Buy and finally look at them.


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