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[youtube=] Thanks everyone who gave me recommendations. This one is called Chocolate Disco. I like the colors and the light effects.

Perfume is quickly becoming one of my favorite girl groups. I’m not crazy about the robot effects to the girls voices. I would prefer to hear their voices for what they really are, but I love the dance moves and synchronization.

One thing about Japanese music, I always hear that the dance moves are lame or not as complicated as western choreography. I completely agree!

One of the reasons I love Japanese Pop Music so much is that I can immediately start imitating what I see on screen.


I’m going to post another Perfume song soon.

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  1. Hey David this song is awesome. The beats are catchy and has a nice rhythmic tune. :D I really like how they dancing to the background with the flashy settings. Thanks!

  2. hey david check out Perfume’s recent performance for ‘one room disco’ it has pretty awesome light effects and etc. pretty impressive for a live performance

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