Monday 1/24: Song of the Week

Now that the New Year is over, it’s time to get back to the weekly grind. So here’s Song of the Week back again.

Song: Tsuki no Katachi [Moon’s Shape] Discography: Team A 3rd Stage [Dareka no tame ni] Original Performers: Team A

Performance Notes:
Location: Team A 3rd Stage DVD
Original Unit: Yes

Team A’s 3rd Stage was the first AKB Album I owned. I feel/felt that this was the first original album put out, especially since the first two stages have been used by other various groups. A3 was littered with great songs but the one that probably stands out for me the most is Tsuki no Katachi. The outfits are a little scandalous but not to the level where a fan would need to worry. They help to capture the maturity of the song and I guess I like it for it’s departure from the normal bubble gum pop. Also I really like the dance. It’s simplistic and easy to learn but unique enough to be memorable.

Also the members in this performance make up the first team that I became really invested in. I identified members higher on my list and learned names to go along with faces. There’s Maeda Atsuko being her short haired self, untouchable at this time. But Shinoda Mariko pulled this look off better than anyone, she was just stunning. Kojima Haruna followed her closely behind after that. Then throw in a pivotal Oshima Mai, a consistently hyped Nakanishi Rina, and an early look Itano Tomomi. Minegishi Minami was still coming into her own but there were other pre-graduated members like Ohe Tomomi, Masuyama Kayano, and Komatani Hitomi. But I think the ribbon on top of the cake in all this was Hirajima Natsumi. Way before her shift/exile to Team B, she was a spunky Team A member and her performance in this song won me over the moment I saw her. This was the first and last time I would see her until Team B would come into it’s own and she would eventually emerge as a Watarirouka member. I always kept looking for her in Team A’s 4th Stage and wondered where she had gone.

So I hope that give you a little perspective on this song and helps you remember it in the long list that is the AKB catalogue. I know there are various other Team A staples and mid-tiers that I left out, so I apologize. I wanted to point them all out but I was trying to keep this from being just a member recollection post.

See you next week,

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