Momoiro Clover Field Trip?

Momoiro Clover Z’s first regular TV show starts November 11th (11-11-11), and it sounds sadly underwhelming.

The show is titled Momoken, the basis for the show is social studies field trip where they “try to improve momoclo member’s knowledge”. Basically the girls will be taken around to various factories and corporations and put to work learning about the ins and outs of the companies they visit, and then are tested on what they learned.

The first episode they will be going to a cleaning shop called Hakuyosha.

This sadly sounds very boring as it will be educational instead of variety, so unless the girls can really rise up to the challenge to make it fun and interesting, I don’t see the show going beyond ten or twelve episodes.

The show will be 30 minutes long and run every friday at 22:00 to 22:30 on CS TV asa channel, TV Asahi Announcer Ishii Kiwa will be traveling with the girls.

the channel it appears on also poses a channel to Momoclo as it’s a cable channel, also they are putting an educational program on a primarily anime and drama channel.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it’s not, Momoclo has had several shows but they have all been web based or dvd based this is their first regular TV so it’s good for exposure as long as it’s not taken in a negative light if the show doesn’t succeed.

The main problems with the show are it’s educational, this is not the first time idols and educational programming have been combined and generally they don’t go far because they end up at least from a foreign fans perspective to be boring.

the 2nd problem is it’s short, from the news brief they want to show the girls learning and then take a quiz, the quiz has the most potential to be interesting, depending on how the handle the editing, such as skipping showing them taking the quiz and jumping start to the answers.
The other problem with it being short is how they handle showing the girl’s learning the jobs, if it’s each girl learning a different job or them learning each job as a group, the amount of material that will be recorded, there is just no way they can put that into a 30 minute program, of course that is assuming they do one job per episode, if they split the jobs into 2 or 3 episodes then the show has a lot more potential, and we’ll be able to see a lot more of the recorded material.

While I’m not big on idols and educational programming as a weekly consumption in my TV diet especially with all the other shows out there, I do like that they have the girls do these types of shows because it helps prepare them for the future, as many people have pointed out to me, idols have a very short time in which to succeed, some manage to succeed and go on to be at least semi successful entertainers, others fade away to get married, have kids, and be a housewife.
I feel that shows like this allow our idols to see and experience what is out there for after their star has burned out.


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  1. Colour me unenthused about this. I guess we’ll see how it goes and hope they handle it in a way that makes it interesting as well as educational.

  2. Well, it’s nice to see that Momoclo get a TV show but what a sucky subject though, still, it’s exposure for then and really, if any girls can make something like this interesting it’s the Momoclo girls…….

  3. Meh. I don’t know. These girls are so energetic and youthful, that they can almost anything fun. I’m not particularly looking forward to this but it will be nice to see what they can do with this.

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