“Mirai Bowl”: Split Personality Mayhem.

One thing I always loved was Momoiro’s variety in everything they release. “Kaito Shoujo”, “Pinky Jones”, “Coconuts”, and “Kimi to Sekai” have completely different sounds, each paired with equally unique PVs. Of all the up and coming idol groups, Momoiro Clover’s over-the-top antics, fresh faces, and disarming charisma has them rising above the competition.

Their new single, “Mirai Bowl”, is probably the most unorthodox single they’ve ever released. It’s all sorts of weird, which fits Momoiro’s M.O, but this time it’s too jarring and more like a poor mash-up than a solidly good song. There was too much disconnect between the mellow verses and the overly-bombastic chorus, which prevented me from wanting to put the song on repeat like their past singles.

This song has many elements that seem rushed and not thought all the way through; there’s lots of parts I like, but they don’t work as a whole. The problem doesn’t lie in that there are too many components(though there are a LOT of different things going on in this song), but in the way they were composed. Momoiro Clover isn’t a stranger to mashing different melodies and styles, but Mirai Bowl seems very undercooked. That said, I appreciate Momoiro’s unflinching ability to release songs that I never expected to hear and try new things every time.

Though I didn’t go head over heels for the song, the PV is pretty fantastic overall. The costumes and sets used are low-tech, but utilized very well; this is actually among their more elaborate music videos. They take on a “broadway musical” theme for this song, complete with 1950’s imagery and allusions to acts like “Grease” and “Annie”.  They also decided adding a “Bowling Alley” theme would be appropriate, since the title has “Bowl” in it; luckily, this mix worked out pretty well. The sets are very simple but effective; the bowling alley set is probably my favorite. They bring back a element from the “Kaito Shoujo” PV, using the stylized comic book motif which is simple, but effective.

My only complaint is with the dance costumes. The giant hearts overlaying their tops are over-sized and incredibly distracting, and that coupled with really puffy skirts and veil trains makes for a really bizarre silhouette and another unpleasant mash-up. Aside from that, the video was fun and showcased the members’ charm and appeal.

It’s really too bad that my favorite member, Akari(Blue), is leaving after this single. She really accounted for a lot of the unique and zany flavor that Momoiro Clover had, and to be honest, I think my interest in future Momoiro releases fell substantially when I found out she was leaving. To keep my attention, they better pull out a bombshell.

‘Mirai Bowl’
Momoiro Clover
Releases March 9th


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  1. I await the 9 Minute version of this song and expect I expect a mind blowing experience.

  2. The bowlegged part are quiet amusing.

  3. ^ I didn’t want to mention it, but yea…that shit. Though I have to say, it didn’t bug me as much this time.

  4. Have to agree that with Akari leaving the groups will lose a huge amount of appeal. When watching the Dragon Crisis I wanted to see the group because the song was light and “fluffy”. When watching the music video Akira stood out from all the rest in both the heart costume and the dress up. Akari has major charisma too bad she read so much anti-fan stuff and started to doubt herself.

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