MINIKOMA☆ Releases New Song “Departed”


Valued member of the community DJ Amaya and staff member Chase Lim have both contributed remixes for up-and-coming Japanese EDM producer MINIKOMA☆’s debut single, Departed!

Departed is a powerful dance track featuring incredibly catchy melodies and lyrics, as well as a four-to-the-floor, pounding drop that will definitely get you moving. Departed has a beautiful combination of soft, emotional moments and strong buildups to keep the audience entertained, and is more than suitable for playing at home as well as at a dance venue. If you’re looking for a fresh take on EDM coming from a promisingly talented artist out of Japan, give Departed a try!

This release features remixes from DJ Amaya, who also produced the New School Kaidan Anthem, and he has styled his remix as Idol-Step, a stunningly smooth mix of lush female vocals and nimble Drum ‘n’ Bass.

Staff member Chase Lim also tried his hand on this record under his alias of ’13thBeat.’ His remix was influenced by many different styles and genres, including Drum ‘n’ Bass, Progressive House, Pop and Metal.

Departed can be purchased on MINIKOMA☆’s Bandcamp, either as a single song for ¥100 or as a bundle containing all 12 of the remixes, both of the Japanese and English language versions and the instrumental and acapella tracks for ¥1,000. All proceeds go directly towards MINIKOMA☆ and the supporting remixers, and every contribution is greatly appreciated!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your dance on to MINIKOMA☆’s hot debut single, Departed!

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