Melon Kinenbi on ShimokitaFM

Melon Kinenbi’s Ootani Masae as guest/assistant MC and Shibata Ayumi as a guest will be on ShimokitaFM at 19:00 JST which is 4AM MST, 6AM EST 10/13 Thursday morning, also appearing will be Meguriai and Kubota Mika.

This is a weekly radio show which is broadcast on ustream at

Next week 10/20 you can look forward to Noto Arisa as guest MC and Meguriai as they are the current regular for the show

10/27 will have Tokyo Girl’s Style Leader Miyu as guest MC.

I’ll let you know about the upcoming weeks special guests as I find out about them.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Shibata Ayumi. She’s incredibly sexy and one of the most beautiful girls to ever come through Hello Project. I will definitely be tuning in, thanks for the heads up.

  2. Hope you didn’t miss it but if you did you can always check out the archive for the show.

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