Melancholy from Happiness

Howdy, this is your friendly neighborhood Beat Sherlock bringing you guys a new custom, super Fresh, English sub. Shootin’ it back to heavens_blue. I have to admit that I had no knowledge of Happiness or anything they’d done before I tackled this sub. And although they aren’t my cup of tea, I have to say I walked away from “One More Time” pleasantly melancholical.

Happiness-One More Time[Eng Sub] by BeatSherlock

“One More time” starts out as your familiar ballady love song. Within the next few seconds it breaks into a machined late 90s pop number and continues to phase between pop beat drop outs, leaving just vocals and piano, and coming back. Alright, not to be surprised, I figure. This is idol music after all. One listen through and I figured “not bad, but not fresh”, until I started subbing.

That’s where one more time started to really hit me. With lyrics about a love long past, growing up, and nostalgia, the song really leaves you in a state of melancholy. “One More Time” doesn’t necessarily stay there though. In much of the song the tone becomes hopeful and optimistic, looking towards the future. Therein lies the gold in Happiness’s song: the musical composition in tone fit hand in hand with the lyrics.
Up and down. Forward and back.

That’s not to say that “One More Time” is the first and the best among idol music to do that, but, the letter and the note hit me at the some level more than most. Iroppoi Jiretai, did an easy job of it a while back with it’s stereotypical “Latin Heat” inspired sound, no doubt. After most of those songs that have come out these days about unrequited love or idol unreachability sounding just happy, it’s a fresh breath.

Maybe it’s the song’s nostalgia for a more innocent time that resonate with me and the big changes coming in my near future. Maybe it’s just me. Fact is, Happiness’s “One More Time” does it.

Check out the the sub and find out.


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  1. Thank you for this, Beat Sherlock! Another great sub. I truly appreciate it! :)

    You’re description of the song is wonderfully written and fairly accurate. One More Time is definitely not the most original song, but for some reason it struck a chord with me. Now after reading the lyrics, I can enjoy the song more than I have before. The lyrics are surprisingly heartwarming and sincere in a very simplistic way. It’s that sense of nostalgia that I truly connect with.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks, Beat! I have never heard of this group and I am glad you introduced me to them. The lyrics are really touching.

    Looking forward to more of your excellent subs. ^_^

  3. I just watched a TV appearance of theirs on youtube and thought they were pretty funny.

    Here it is!

    • Thank you for sharing this. I especially enjoyed the dance segment. Oshima Mai’s moonwalk was pretty hilarious.

  4. One thing I like about Happiness is that they don’t play up the infantile cuteness. They just let they their natural looks, personalities and music come through. From a group that has mostly 15 year olds to not do that’s pretty fresh too. Again, throw back sound and approach to the 90s. I dig.

    Glad y’all liked it

  5. Dayum, they got groove yo! Dance is fresher than lemons son!

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