Meet the Senbatsu that Fate has Created

Yesterday, fate has selected the few, chosen members to be in the next AKB48 single through a game of Janken (Rock, Paper Scissors). Once again, it ended up being a jumbled bag of epic proportions. Are you ready?!

Here are the senbatsu members:

1. Shinoda Mariko (Team A)
2. Fujie Reina (Team K)
3. Minegishi Minami (Team K)
4. Kobayashi Marina (Kenkyuusei)
5. Akimoto Sayaka (Team K)
6. Oya Shizuka (Team A)
7. Maeda Ami (Team A)
8. Sato Sumire (Team B)
9. Hikawa Ayame (NMB Kenkyuusei)
10. Umeda Ayaka (Team K)
11. Kasai Tomomi (Team B)
12. Kuwabara Mizuki (SKE Team S)
13. Kojima Haruna (Team A)
14. Yamaguchi Yuki (NMB Team N)
15. Yamauchi Suzuran (Team 4)
16. Kitahara Rie (Team B)

Not bad eh? You see some returning victors from last year’s Janken single like Sato Sumire, Maeda Ami, Kojima Haruna, and Kasai Tomomi(luck is strong with these four) and some insane surprises like Shinoda Mariko as center, with Fujie Reina and Minegishi Minami right behind her.

Akimoto Sayaka was pitched against Maeda Atsuko and Sayaka won, making this the first single to not have Maeda Atsuko featuring in the history of AKB, but luckily, Sayaka made it all the way to the end into the top eight.

Most of my personal hopes were dashed (Miyazaki Miho, Takahashi Minami, and Shimada Haruka), but I’m pretty excited about this group performing the next entry in AKB’s lineup.

I absolutely loved Shinoda’s center dance formation in ‘Beginner’, so I’m excited to see her be the face of the next single. Seeing her tall stature leading all the members will be a sight. What do you guys think, any predictions about what the next single may be like, or what kind of song you think would fit?


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  1. Guess I’ll be the first (and only?) to float this unpopular opinion; thank god Maeda Atsuko isn’t in senbatsu for this single. It’s not that I hate her or anything but seeing her constantly make senbatsu even when it supposedly comes down to “chance” (that’s a whole other comment I’m sure) just kinda irked me.

    Shinoda Mariko as centre is great; she’s one of my favourite members so I’m pretty bias I guess, not much more to say about that other than I’m extremely happy for her. Minegishi making it in will also undoubtedly provide her with another large push on top of her recent efforts which I’m also happy about.

    I don’t ever really have a dog in races like this just because it never really quite works out how you might expect. I guess Jurina did well, eventually falling to Minegishi in the final round before top 16 and I’m disappointed that a few others didn’t do so well (Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki).

    So no particularly strong feelings either way (apart from the Atsuko thing) for me on who lost to who, etc. The senbatsu looks pretty solid but with enough surprises to make this single interesting.

    As for what the single may be like? Maybe something a bit more mature sounding simply because Mariko is the centre. I honestly don’t know but hopefully it’s a lot better than last year’s Chance no Junban.

  2. Wow, just wow!!!
    I’m pretty disapointed hearing so many heavy weight members winning. I feel this is a better chance for the lesser known members. Oh well.

    Now with that said, I’m actually interested as Mariko as center. That could be very, very, fun depending on the video.

    Great to see Sato Sumire and Maeda Ami.. but the girl I was rooting for, Sato Amina….. is nowhere.

    Amina, you’ll have your day.

    Wish Janken, Uchida, placed high again.. lol, I really like her as a center, sucks she fell back into AKBobscurity.

  3. btw, how do i change my avatar display pic here.. i have never been able to find it and im emo. might slit my wrists

    • Should be via your e-mail address.

      • I have display pics on all my email addresses, so if its displayed via that, I’m still at a loss. But I guess this isn’t all that important anyway so I’ll just forever keep this blank faceless thing. Thanks, your help is appreciated.

        • This is a super-late reply and you probably won’t see this, but I just figured it out recently. You have to set up a account and sign up with the same email you signed with on your WordPress account. You can put a display pic that should show up on all of your WordPress accounts with the same email.

  4. Wow the only 2 I’m glad to see there are Fujie Reina and Sato Sumire :( Maybe next year…

  5. am ok with the senbatsu lineup but a lot of my favorite members didn’t make it which makes me a little bit disappointed but i’ll get over it.

  6. The most intriguing thing about this event was the NMB member Kobayashi Marina. Ironically she was the one who replaced Shimada Rena’s spot. If had never dropped out she would have been in the top 4. I would have just wanted to see the reactions if that scenario would have played out or even if Kobayashi would have won.

    • Yeah, Kobayashi Marina is from AKB KKS, but her getting 4th is my favorite part of this event. I had high hopes for the KKS since I follow them pretty closely. I’m hoping she gets a lot of screen time, although I do believe she is on the verge of promotion due to the Team 4 stage starting soon.

      But other than that, it was pretty bad for me because I am a Team 4 oshi, but most of the members got knocked off in the first round. Also, I seem to be the only one, but I would love another song that sounds like Chance no Junban because it was one of my favorites of 2010.

  7. Shit looks like that dude from AKBingo was right about tomo.

  8. I was so freaking excited as I read the senbatsu list. A lot of my favorite girls are on there. Kitarie! Oya! Akimoto! Miichan! Tomomi! And of course, one of the first girls I liked in AKB, Mariko!

    I can’t freaking wait for this single. I don’t even care if it is as weak as Chance no Junban. Just seeing Mariko in the front will excite the hell out of me.

  9. It’s only just starting to sink in for me that Fujie Reina came 2nd. That’s amazing!!! This year’s Janken was kind of hard for me to cheer anyone on (not only because it’s entirely based on luck) because alot of the members I wanted to do well were in the same block and I find the idea of a member I know hardly anything about winning really interesting. Probably why I’m so amazed by the kenkyuusei getting in. It’s nice to see Yamaguchi Yuuki in senbatsu too, she is one of the first NMB members I noticed.
    I hope they continue to do this every year. This year brought some really great members (then again who isn’t great?).

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