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Greetings from the great wilds of Wyoming, where I can say with some certainty that I am the only idol fan within 200 miles.

So I’m Drako a pleasure to meet you all.

Some of you already know me from the live streams, for the curious. I’ve been an idol fan since 2000 around the time 4th generation of Morning Musume, Hello! Project was pretty much the limit of my fandom until AKB48 released Oogoe Diamond, and then somewhere around AKB48’s River things just exploded for me. The explosion was without a doubt fueled by AKB revitalizing the Idol industry, as more and more idol groups started showing up on shows with AKS groups.

Seishun Academy has gratefully given me an outlet for my idol prose, I guess you could call me the what 2nd gen, 3rd gen, sub member? Doesn’t matter to me.

I’m the underground wannabe expert I guess, I will be posting about the lesser known and far less available idol groups, like Momoiro Clover Z(Momoclo), Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku(Ebichu), Jewel Kiss, Tokyo Girl’s Style(TGS), at least that is what I hope, some of these groups news is very short on. I will also try to post up dates and times for when these groups do live or rebroadcast streams on ustream.

Now for the important part, I’ll be doing live streams Tuesdays at around 3pm Mountain Time (GMT -6). As for what I will be showing, I will mostly focus on the lesser known idols but I’m open to suggestions as material is limited.


So that’s Drako in a nutshell.

Never too many Idols until they all do live streams at the same time.

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  2. What’s up?!

    Glad to hear there’s going be more articles about smaller idol groups. I absolutely love Momoiro Clover and I can’t wait to hear news from them. Good that there’s more broadcasting hours although I wish they were a bit later since I have to deal with timezones. :(

    Looking forward to read more from you.

  3. Later broadcasts have crossed my mind because I know several people are in the UK, I’m just not sure how much later would be good, or how many viewers we have that would prefer later broadcasts, Comments?

  4. TGS now

  5. Hello!
    Looking forward to the broadcast today/tonight.

  6. Well, maybe you’re the only fan in a 200-mile radius, but you’re not the only fan in the state! HI FROM LARAMIE, DRAKO!!!!!!

    Oh my god, this is so exciting!!!!!!


  8. Pleased to meet you and looking forward to your insights. [obligatorious !!! exclamageddon]

  9. Wooot! More writers more comments~ Really nice to meet you Drako.

  10. Glad to see the lesser known groups getting a voice on the site. Looking forward to reading your articles when they go up.

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