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Today, I’ll be introducing the Japanese Idol unit, Cheeky Parade (チィキィ パレード), known for their high energy performances which are sure to get the crowd going! The group was formed back in December of 2009, with eight members, under the Avex Trax label of iDOL Street as Street-sei (ストリート生). It wasn’t until February of 2012 that the unit was reformed as the Cheeky Parade that we know today.

The unit now is made of nine members, Watanabe Asami (Dance Leader), Sekine Yuna (Leader), the sister combo of Yuriya and Mariya Suzuki, Shimazaki Rino, Mizorogi Seran, Yamamoto Marin, Nagai Hina, and Kodakari Momoka. As of now, the group has released six singles and an album (or two albums if you consider the mini-album as one). With all the technicalities done, we can go on to something more exciting: our thoughts on Cheeky Parade.

Zach’s Thoughts:

Honestly speaking I had no idea who or what Cheeky Parade was until earlier this year around April, when I bought a copy of their first single, “BUNBUN NINE9” on a whim, and that was only because it was on sale too. My first time reading the group’s name, I couldn’t help but think of cheeky bottom panties, and no! I’m not the only one! Every time I try to search up Cheeky Parade on Google, cheeky panties is always the first suggestion.

That aside…the CD cover didn’t seem like anything special, your typical Pop Idol CD with all the members posing cutely and a flashy background. From this alone and that fact that I am a AKB48 wota, I wasn’t expecting too much out of the group but oh was I wrong. From that first single on, I was hooked.

The single in question, “BUNBUN NINE9” was released back in January of 2013. It’s so extremely catchy and upbeat, that I just can’t help to dance along. Every time the MV comes on and I see the girls dancing with such energy and having fun, I still find myself moving along to the beat. For a single that I had little expectations for, it was totally worth the 400 yen that I paid for it. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out Cheeky Parade

Serrina’s thoughts:

When I first discovered Cheeky Parade, it was before their major debut so there weren’t the coolest angles and cuts to be blown away by like with their “BUNBUN NINE9” promotion video. Instead, I saw these girls far away, from a static camera, on a stage. They were soaked in sweat and heavily breathing but smiling. I don’t remember what song they performed or where the video is now (it might have been taken down) but I just remember smiling, sweaty girls and thought, “Jeez, I would be gasping for air too if I had to sing while dancing that hard.”

Later on, I got a subscription notification for the upload of “BUNBUN NINE9”. I watched the video and thought, “Oh wow, it’s those same girls but they look way more wicked and not as sweaty.” I was hooked. I couldn’t stop tweeting about it and even tweeted the video to a long time friend of mine who was into Morning Musume.

The most charming thing about Cheeky Parade, to me, is their “sparkle”. I mention sweat again because it’s honestly all the hard dancing and smiling they do while sweating that attracts me. It’s quite strange, really. I don’t like sweat on people but Cheeky Parade’s sweat actually sparkles under the stage lights. My favorite part about Cheeky Parade is how they are able to bring so much hype with their physical energy. These girls are truly some of the most energetic, upbeats girls as their songs require constant fast, jumpy choreography as well as strong, loud vocals.

If you don’t believe me when I say that Cheeky Parade’s sweat is sparkly and entrancing, then watch this video of Cheeky Parade fans jamming out to Cheeky Parade. The fans here are screaming their lungs out, jumping around with all of their might, and spreading all of their love for Cheeky Parade to anyone near them.

This is the type of fan I want to be. The kind of fan that isn’t afraid to splash my sweat around, scream phrases of support, and look super crazy while jumping around. The energy I get from both Cheeky Parade and their fans is what makes this group something worth checking out live. If you want energy, then Cheeky Parade will give it to you. They’re just waiting for you to give them your energy back.

Has Cheeky Parade caught your interest? You can read up more information about the group at their official website.

Already a fan or interested in seeing them perform? Cheeky Parade will be at Japan Expo LA on October 17th and 18th. Grab your light sticks and join fellow NSK members in welcoming Cheeky Parade to Southern California!

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