Meet AKB’s Latest Addition… Who Doesn’t Exist

There have been many reactions concerning a girl named Eguchi Aimi. She was supposedly “discovered” at an NMB audition, but moved to AKB kenkyuusei because she was such a high-caliber idol. Knowing the constantly shifting nature of AKB, many fans just took it as it was and admired the photos released of her.

But as more information came out, the more suspicious it all seemed. The more you saw of her in pictures, the more unsettling and strange she looked. Things got stranger still when Eguchi Aimi was chosen to be a spokesperson for a Glico candy product, complete with a site full of information about her. But the lack of information made her more suspicious. There was absolutely no video footage her. The Glico site had interviews, but they only existed in audio. They were unwilling to release videos of her for some reason, but what reason would that be? Slowly but surely, fans have collectively begun to suspect that this super-idol, Eguchi Aimi, wasn’t real at all, and even with my own shoddy detective work on photoshop, I began to believe it too. And we would be correct.

Eguchi Aimi is apparently a fabrication between Glico and Akimoto Yasushi to promote their candy. In hindsight one can say there were too many things that didn’t line up for it to be possible, but in my opinion, Eguchi Aimi’s scenario was much easier to believe than the idea of having a rock-paper-scissors tournament in Budoukan. It’s such a bizarre project, but kudos for trying something so weird and fooling us all, if even for just a moment. Akimoto always keeps us on our toes, and that’s what most of us have come to love about this franchise.

Look at Eguchi Aimi in motion in the recently uploaded CM for Glico’s Aisu/ICE no Mi:


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