Matsuura Aya: Girl Stuck in Time

First off, I’m a fan of hers. I’ve liked most of her works, except maybe the Jazz album she put out recently. But I think she’s just another girl who got stuck in time when trying to make the transition between cute young idol to lady singer. There’s no doubt about it, Matsuura Aya was huge when she was younger. The first time I saw he, I was blown away. Even some of my white friends commented on her cuteness. But as is with everyone, time catches up. You can’t stay cute and fifteen forever.

Since then she’s been stuck in limbo trying to find what works best for her. It’s sad and a difficult idols have to lead but even worse how women are judged by the youth where as men are judged by what they can produce. But that’s life.

And I’ll keep supporting Matsuura Aya as long as she’s trying,

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  1. This is kind of similar to the stigma that child actors have to deal with as they get older. The initial audiences that they grew up with will always have an established notion as to who they are as a person. To them, Matsuura will always be that cute, teen.

    I think most of the original fans perceive her more mature endeavors as out of character and therefore, refuse to acknowledge her new image outright.

    Sadly, it seems that the most effective way of shedding that cute image, is to make drastic changes. Goto Maki, for example, began wearing scantily clad clothing and performed risky dance routines, in order to shed her idol appearance. Even young disney starlets have taken this route as they grew older. Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and more recently Miley Cyrus.

    Even though this trend is common, I really don’t want Aya to make this kind of move. I think what she’s doing now will take shape later. Like you said, David, she’s still trying to find out what’s best for her and I feel that she’ll eventually find it.

    As for the fans, I’d say it’s like the relation that a parent shares with their child. As their daughter or son grows older, they change and most parents can’t seem to accept that. They always want to hold on to the image of their baby, but in due time, they’ll learn to accept it.

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