Mass Group Shuffle Announced at AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concert

As always with the big concert series held by AKS, a big announcement was made. Togasaki announced  cross group, cross country shuffle and transfers. Hit “read more” to read the entire list.


Takahashi Minami, Team A(48 Group/48 Family General Director)

Shinoda Mariko, Team A Captain

Iwata Karen

Izuta Rina

Iriyama Anna

Oshima Ryoka

Kasai Tomomi

Kawaei Rina

Kikuchi Ayaka

Kotani Riho Team A and Team N

Kobayashi Marina

Sato Sumire

Sato Natsuki

Takahashi Juri

Tano Yuuka

Nakatsuka Tomomi

Nakamata Shiori

Nito Moeno

Matsui Sakiko

Morikawa Ayaka

Yokoyama Yui NMB48 and Team A

Watanabe Mayu



Oshima Yuko Team K Captain

Akimoto Sayaka

Abe Maria

Itano Tomomi

Uchida Mayumi

Kitahara Rie SKE48 and Team K

Kuramochi Asuka

Kobayashi Kana

Sato Amina

Shimada Haruka

Suzuki Shihori

Chikano Rina

Nakata Chisato

Nakaya Sayaka

Nagao Mariya

Fujita Nana

Maeda Ami

Masuda Yuka

Matsui Jurina Team S, Team K

Matsubara Natsumi

Mitsumune Kaoru

Miyazaki Miho

Muto Tomu



Umeda Ayaka Team B Captain

Ishida Anna SKE48 Team KII, Team B

Ishida Haruka

Ichikawa Miori

Iwasa Misaki

Oba Mina

Oya Shizuka

Kashiwagi Yuki

Katayama Haruka

Kato Rena

Kojima Haruna

Kojima Natsuki

Komori Mika

Shimazaki Haruka

Takeuchi Miyu

Tanabe Miku

Nakamura Mariko

Natori Wakana

Nonaka Misato

Fujie Reina

Minegishi Minami

Yamauchi Suzuran

Watanabe Miyuki Team N, Team B


Ota Aika transfer to HKT48


Takajo Aki transfer to JKT48

Nakagawa Haruka transfer to JKT48


Suzuki Mariya transfer to SNH48

Miyazawa Sae transfer to SNH48

Here’s a link to Togasaki Google+ post summarizing the transfers.

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  1. Well Amid over all the over-reaction it’s important I think top take into context that we have had shuffles before and things have been OK, Sure the overseas one are bad for those that follow those girls and I do feel for them but you know that Aki-P has some master plan behind this, he usually does.

    It’s still not really sunk in yet but looking through all this its not to bad, infact I kinda like new Team B, the whole student master thing they have going on might be interesting to watch….

    I will probably post again but wanted to get that original though accross,……

    • Yeah, I just don’t know how I’m supposed to follow Harugon, haha. Kairi says there’s some sort of overseas program thing on TV but who knows.

  2. Of course everyone has questions on each member’s placement now but with me, the biggest question I have (besides the obvious of certain members going to completely new groups like Sae) is that why is Mariko and Yuko are captains. I am not even thinking about why Takahashi or Sayaka had to let go of their positions but why did he pick those 2? Yuko and Mariko are both some of the most plausiable ones to leave the group close to the near future (especially Yuko with some of the comments she made earlier this year about already having thoughts about leaving before). They are also two girls who have a ton of work outside the group so in what sense would you make their make a captain for? By the way, this has to be Umeda Ayaka’s best year for herself. I think no one could have predict she would be where she is at right now a year ago.

    There is so many things the website can talk about with this news it can be its own podcast and be about 2 hours if you tried to break down and talk about each member

    • This will be an All Night NSK topic without a doubt. Look for it later today or early tomorrow.

    • This basically means Mariko and Yuko aren’t leaving any time soon. Mariko already has that mindset. I feel bad for Yuko though. Atsuko beat her to it.

      • The way I see it is that Yuko and Mariko now have more unnecessary responsibilities on top of all the other thing they are doing outside of the group. If I was Yuko and Im trying to do high profile dramas, being in photoshoots, appearing on variety shows and doing other solo projects while learning new dances for the next single, doing concerts, theater shows and many other things in the group, the last thing I would want to be in a captain which would just involve more responsibilities and stress on top of the hectic workload I already have (unless you get paid a bit more if you are a captain which I will have no problem taking the job then).

  3. Omg, when I first woke up this morning, I was completely shocked at the Team 4 disbanding….


    ¡Viva la Revolución!

    WHAT? This cocksucker akip is like singling out some of my favorites.. TAKAJO? LOVETAN? WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK, HARUGON? I…

  5. I think the main issue is people losing members they love following… face it, most of the other groups don’t get any exposure. Perhaps this is a stunt to increase their popularity, but its hard to be positive when you’re feeling your member’s are being shafted.

    Also, I feel team captain positions have become a bit sacred. I don’t like the idea of having new ones without the old ones being on hiatus or w/e.

    As for the international shuffles, I’m sure it won’t last. Or rather I’m hopeful it wont.. because I remember when they were planning it and asked the girls if they’d be interested. Something tells me these girls signed up for it.. but, if anything is to help with exposure its the international transfers. I think they’re just for buzz. How can someone like Sae or Takajo bond with members and create a chemistry when they don’t speak the language of the group? Sure in JKT there’s a few girls who can speak Japanese but hardly enough to make Takajo a true JKT member, chemistry doesn’t come easy. Same with sae.. and living through an interpreter is difficult. I just don’t imagine these decisions being concrete ones..

    But then again, expect the unexpected with managment’s decisions. So I guess team 4 has been abolished?

  6. I love the fact that they sent Ota Aika to HKT48 so Sashihara can continue to harass her. And I’m not too surpirsed about Kashiwagi losing her spot as captain.

    I think I’m most surprised by Kojima to team B and Kitahara to SKE48. Ohh and I kind of like the idea of Kasai on team A, I always thought that’s where she should have been and I like Minegishi on team B.

  7. Yoshishi, next to TKMN’s name, please put (48 Group/48 Family General Director)

  8. I missed Lemon-chan the first time through and was about to throw a lemon-fuel rage- then I found her.

    Good thing. I have no idea what a Lemon-fueled rage would even mean…

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