Maeda Atsuko’s Solo Single Debut Announced

Arriving fashionably late, as most things in AKB do, Maeda Atsuko’s solo debut has finally been announced with a release date: June 22nd.

It will be released under King Records(same as Itano Tomomi), and be sold in Type A, B and C.

Usually this is where I’d say I’m very skeptical about how Maeda would be as a solo act and how it will sell mountains of copies regardless, but I’m actually pretty excited about this. I never thought I’d look forward to seeing Maeda Atsuko go solo, but seeing how well Itano was utilized and how well-tailored her songs were, I can’t help but feel a little hyped. A best case scenario would be for Atsuko to be placed in a song that no one expects. Despite the stigmas against her, I’ve found Maeda to be pretty versatile, and kind of a blank-canvas as far as what musical direction she can go in, so it would be constructive if she could showcase that side of her.

Another interesting aspect of this whole debut is how it’ll further twist and change the dynamic of the upcoming Senbatsu Elections. There’s so many factors playing into who has the upper edge this time that I haven’t the faintest clue who has the most to gain. It seems that every announcement these days are messing with the girl’s standings in the ranks; it’s turning out to be the most anticipated and involving Senbatsu Election ever. Who would have thought?


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