Maeda Atsuko goes Big Screen

Maeda Atsuko’s had miscellaneous roles in several movies and was the protagonist of two dramas, but this ups the ante—she won a lead role for a feature film.

The film is called “Moshidora”, short for an extremely long title meaning “If the girl manager of the highschool baseball club would read Drucker’s ‘Management'”. It’s based on Japan’s best-selling novel of 2010 about Kawashima Minami, the mananger of a shoddy highschool baseball club(Maeda Atsuko) who accidentally obtains a copy of Drucker’s book, ‘Management’. For those of you who don’t know, Peter Drucker is a famous Austro-Hungarian writer and philospher known for his works exploring how businesses, politics and society are organized, and was given the title “Father of Modern Management”. His works have been especially popular in Japan, and we can expect Atsuko’s character to use this knowledge to better or worsen the baseball team.

It’ll probably be charming movie that gives a basic view of Drucker’s ideas and trivia that Japan does so well. It’s scheduled for June 2011, and looks like something to look forward to this coming year.

According to Tokyo Hive, it’s also going to be adapted into a manga. It was also interesting to read that the model for the main character was based on Minegishi Minami, but decided on Atsuko for her acting experience. If Minegishi got the part, my interest in this movie would be through the roof. Even if she hasn’t had a lot of acting experience I think she’d be fantastic for this kind of role, but there’s still plenty of acting to be seen from Atsuko so I’m eager to see how it’ll turn out.


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