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I’ve always loved this band from the first time I heard them. But beyond the music I love the band’s character. Each member has his/her own personality and it shows in which instrument they play.

I think this performance captures exactly what I’m talking about. Especially watch for Lead Guitarist Yuasa Shōhei starting 1:50.  

The song is Matsuri no Ato (After the Festival).


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  1. Hey David!
    Nice music, I love it!
    The other day, I dont remember if it was on 4pp or 4pj channel that u were broadcasting some nice bands… there was a band that in the video they appeared like… you know… young and then very old looks… you said that the band was singing about… life momments or something like that…
    Well, my question was… which band was that? I don’t remember and i can’t find them, I thought that it was Baseball Bear but they don’t have a video like that… or I can’t find it…
    Well, take care!

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