little miss wallflower gets a single

akb’s youngest member, oku manami of team b(formerly team k), was said to be potential ace-girl material by the producer aki-p.  whether she’s being groomed to become one or not is in question because she hasn’t been getting a lot of attention lately.  maybe a few years down the line, she’ll start to shine more. it kind of makes sense because akb’s current ace front girl, maeda atsuko, has similar traits: a lackadaisical charm and general aloofness, but oku seems to be way less vocal and enthusiastic.  she appears so soft-spoken and timid that i wonder if she could ever really fill the role as a prominent and popular member.

she has a pretty size-able following because of her looks.  being half-caucasian, she sometimes looks like a ceramic doll, and stands out from the other girls.  to me, her biggest talent so far has been the ability to be a wallflower.  from the outside, it does seem like she has no desire to be noticed, whatever her ambitions may really be.  i’m not saying she should change who she is, but there’s got to be some kind of spark that she can bring to the table; i just don’t see it yet.

so it came as a surprise when i realized she had a single coming out, ‘katatsumuri’, on may 12.  it’s featured as the credits song for an animation.  it’s a nice song.

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